Big Bolt Simplifies
Fastenal's Inventory Management

This is a perfect match: Fastenal, a company that thrives on offering supply chain solutions and Big Bolt, an approved Fastenal vendor that eliminates supply chain disruptions by carrying a large array of bar and blank stock. Combining the strengths of both companies ensures their customers get the quality products they need in the shortest amount of time. So, you get the high-quality fasteners and fast turnaround times that Big Bolt has built its reputation on combined with Fastenal’s 16 regional distribution centers, logistics fleet and support personnel to create an unstoppable supply chain partnership.

CNC Machining

We have 12 programmable CNC machines for engineered fasteners and other close-tolerance work on a production-based schedule. This allows for maximum productivity, even with complex fasteners

  • Prototypes or large volumes
  • Superior Consistency
  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Tapping
  • Blueprint Specials
  • Faster Turnaround


Big Bolt has 10 cutting machines capable of taking product from our large inventory of blanks and custom producing a product to your exact length requirements.  From band saws to Disc saws, we can handle sizes from M6 up to 4 inches in diameter.

  • Any size length 

  • No minimum quantity 

  • Break in service available

  • Camber machine to verify straightness  



Drilling is a core competency of Big Bolt and utilized by many customers for those unique, hard to find, custom specialty fastener requirements.  Multiple machines available for a number of key drilling operations.  
  • Gun drilling
  • Cross drilling 
  • Drilled and tapped holes
  • Metric capabilities from M 3.5 to M 76
  • Imperial capabilities #10 to 1 1/2 "   


Big Bolt has perfected forging in any material.  From low carbon and alloy materials to exotic stainless steels.  We have developed a forging process to manufacture cap screws in small diameters and long lengths.  Our on-site equipment is capable of next day manufacturing when needed.  
  • Hot Forging 
  • Capable of any head styles
  • #10 - 2" in diameter
  • Hot forge blanks up to 3 1/2" in diameter 
  • Lengths up to 40" 


When your custom fastener requires milling, you can depend on Big Bolt to get the job done.   Our state of art, on-site, high speed milling machines are capable of producing product to your exacting specification.
  • Multiple machine centers, same day manufacturing 
  • Prototype parts
  • No minimum quantity 
  • Metric from M5 - M76
  • Imperial from 1/4" to 4"
  • No length limitations 


Our products meet the most rigorous industry standards.  Should your fastener have to work in extreme conditions and require special hardness, durability, or environmental resistance, we can provide a multitude of different finishes. 
  • Break-ins available
  • Zink clear / yellow / olive 
  • Hot dipped galvanized 
  • Salt spray
  • Trivalent plating  
Secondary Processes_0006

Secondary Processes

Big Bolt specializes in secondary operations related to the custom fastener industry.  We offer a full range of secondary operations that will enable the quickest product turnaround in the specialty fastener industry, and a one stop shopping experience.
  • Cut and chamfer
  • Tapping
  • Cross drilling 
  • Broach
  • Slotting
  • Turning
  • Grooving 
  • Grinding
  • Milling 


At Big Bolt, threading is a core competence.  Whether you need a bolt cut threaded or roll threaded, our one stop shop has you covered.  Featuring single headed rollers and double headed rollers, our experienced staff has you covered across multiple machine centers.  

  • Stocking heat treated blanks for fasted turnaround 
  • Small runs available 
  • Cut and thread for next day shipments available 
  • Metric diameters from M6 to M100
  • Imperial diameters from 1/4" to 4" 
  • Acme thread from #10 to 4" in diameter 

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