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Big Bolt is one of the leading military fastener manufacturers for government and military use. We can supply the parts needed to make and support aircraft, engines, ships, tanks, vehicles, and communications equipment. From emergency buys to having the mil-spec bolts and screws you need for general maintenance, we pride ourselves in providing defense contractors with industrial supplies that are certified to all military and federal specifications and standards. So, whether you’re a city government, state government, an agency of the federal government, or a branch of the military... Big Bolt knows how important it is to produce high-quality mil-spec fasteners that won’t fail.

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Custom-Developed Fastener Helps Protect American Troops

Improve Armored Vehicle Protection Explosives

When the US military determined that a type of armored vehicle needed improved protection from explosions in the field, a global manufacturer in defense and aerospace was contacted to develop a solution. 


Finding the right Mil-Spec Fastener Supplier

As a longtime Big Bolt customer, they called our team. We dove in to develop a dual internal/external shielding system fastener that's designed to meet the specific government contract military specifications.

“Nothing is more important than protecting soldiers in the field. When precision mattered, we connected with the Big Bolt team that quickly proposed options and we triangulated on a solution. Their fastener engineering expertise is unmatched. We were all fortunate to have them.” -Purchasing Manager, US Military


The resulting solution went into usage in combat situations overseas, made our customer shine as an industry-leading defense innovator, and most importantly, meaningfully reduced the potential impact of explosions in the field.

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Big Bolt supplies standard and custom miltary fasteners to every branch. We can also manufacture fractional, or metric sizes for many needs in government, industrial, oil and gas, agricultural, construction, transportation, maritime, aerospace, and other OEM industries worldwide.