Limiting Disruption
In the Transportation Industry

Over-the-road freight hauling is one of the most vital components of the transportation industry. And the last thing you need is for one of your vehicles to be off the road. We manufacture a wide variety of automotive fasteners, and specialty fasteners for railroads, buses, recreational vehicles, and a large variety of heavy equipment.

Big Bolt is equipped to produce any number of high-quality fasteners for the entire transportation industry. So, whether you repair trucks and trailers or an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), we can provide the fasteners you need to your specifications.

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Growing Midwest Manufacturer Turns to Trusted Fastener Supplier

When a commercial trucking manufacturer was expanding, Big Bolt was there to help them grow and succeed.

Expansion Runs Into Logistical Issues

When a regional Midwest manufacturer of commercial trucking equipment made its first acquisition, it inherited two additional manufacturing facilities overnight. Each facility had different production lines, very specific fastener requirements and separate regional suppliers already set up. Managing three distinct purchasing workstreams quickly turned into a logistical nightmare. 

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Setting Up Purchasing Process with One Supplier

The manufacturer turned to Big Bolt, and we were able to review their current purchasing at all three facilities and set up a centralized program with one point of contact. 

Heavy trucks require larger, specialized bolts, aligning better with Big Bolt's competencies."  -Transportation Purchasing Manager.

Improved Efficiency with Consolidated Fastener Procurement

As a result of Big Bolt’s successful partnering to consolidate their fastener procurement, the customer was able to standardize their parts, and most importantly, vastly improve efficiency with a significant reduction in lead times.

Automotive Fasteners That Keep You On The Road

Big Bolt supplies standard and custom quality fasteners in standard, fractional, or metric to transportation, military, industrial, oil and gas, agricultural, construction, maritime, aerospace, and other OEM industries worldwide.