custom fasteners
agriculture equipment manufacturers

Big Bolt provides a comprehensive collection of custom fasteners to challenging industries, like agriculture equipment. We have the ability to customize high-quality fasteners in a wide assortment of materials, designs, and intended applications. We can also manufacture a complete range of unique headed and threaded fasteners in an expansive variety of sizes and lengths, for a multitude of agricultural equipment applications, including farm equipment, field irrigation systems, filtration units, and tobacco drying structures. 

custom fasteners and bolts for agriculture equipment manufacturers

OEM Agricultural Manufacturer Reduces Part Failure

When an OEM agricultural equipment manufacture was having part failures, they called Big Bolt.

Correcting Improper Dimensioning Parts

Based on a recommendation, Big Bolt was brought in to review the issue. Our team determined that the manufacturer was not dimensioning the part correctly and that the threads were in the shear plane. 

Agriculture equipment custom fasteners for airplanes

Observe, Identify, and Test

A multi-disciplinary Big Bolt team observed and tested the current assembly in place, and was able to change the thread length to enable the assembly to work as it was designed.

"Big Bolt’s efficient and expert problem-solving addressed an issue for us that our own team could not. We continue to be impressed with their reliability. They are a true, trusted partner.” -Agriculture-Industry Sales Manager

Improved Design & Production

Big Bolt’s solution successfully yielded no further part failures, meaningfully improved the company’s design, alleviated the stress of downed equipment, and solidified a Big Bolt customer for life.

Agricultural Bolts That Don't Quit

Big Bolt supplies standard and custom quality fasteners in standard, fractional, or metric to agricultural, industrial, oil and gas, government and military, construction, transportation, maritime, aerospace, and other OEM industries worldwide.