Big Bolt Finds Cause Of Bolt Failure

Big Bolt is a company that thrives in the toughest situations. We’re all about manufacturing fasteners that are not only superior but get to our customers quickly.

We can also help diagnose the causes of bolt failures and repair them.

bolt failure

The Challenge

A crew working with a harvester contacted Big Bolt. Some of the bolts on the machine kept bending. The broken bolts were costing the crew time and money, so they needed to know why it was happening.

The Investigation

Big Bolt asked for samples of the broken bolts. An investigation determined that the bolts were failing in the threaded section. Big Bolt concluded that the threaded section of the bolt needed to be adjusted.

The dimensions of the bolts were incorrect. The threads were in the shear plane and causing this type of failure to occur. Threads in the shear plane reduce the bolt design’s shear capacity.

bolt failure

The Strategy

Big Bolt devised a plan to keep the bolts from failing, Their experts determined that shortening the threaded section would make the bolt stronger.

The Solution

Shortening the threaded section of the bolt worked. It strengthened the shear plane connection. And because Big Bolt always has a full supply of blanks, the new bolts were manufactured and shipped in about a week.

“This latest batch of bolts is perfect. The measurements look good, and the fit is nice.” - Harvester Crew


We shipped them the bolts they needed and the harvester was back online. We always have certain materials partially finished that we can turn into a finished product very quickly, without sacrificing quality.

Determining the cause of bolt failures can be difficult. But we can handle almost any type of bolt failure issue you may be experiencing. Our experts find out what causes bolt failures, and our capabilities allow us to fix them.

Big Bolt’s plating, heating, and testing methods ensure our parts fulfill the most stringent industry standards. We also have 20 full-time employees in our Quality Control Department, which can produce a variety of product certificates.


Response Time

1 Week

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