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What Makes Stainless Steel Fasteners Stand Out

Today, stainless steel fasteners such as bolts, nut rods, and washers help keep the important industries running. Without them, nothing would go on because they are a crucial aspect of successful projects.

Types Of Fasteners Made From Stainless Steel

The most common types of stainless steel fasteners being used today are bolts, screws, nuts, and washers. Here are some examples:

Stainless Steel Bolts

Hex head bolts, carriage bolts, machine screws, shoulder bolts, and socket cap screws are among the most popular types of bolts.

Machine screws have a flat head at the tip and a threaded shaft that runs through the head. Because these screws are suitable for a wide range of applications, they come in various drive types and heads.

Carriage bolts have a countersunk head design. The bolt has a square portion underneath the head that prevents the bolt from being tightened further after the nut is in place.

Stainless Steel Screws

Wood screws comprise a smooth shank head with coarse spiraling threads that follow the straight shaft to a sharp tapering finish. They are often inserted in drilled holes to let them slip through and attach pieces of wood without splitting the wood.

Sheet metal screws have spiral threads running the length of a straight shaft with a tapering end. SMS may perforate sheet metal without drilling a hole because of the tapered end. 

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Stainless Steel Nuts

They're a type of fastener that's often used in combination with bolts. The most common types of nuts are castle nuts, cap nuts, square nuts, and T-nuts. 

Stainless Steel Washers 

Dock washers, backup rivet washers, fender washers, flat washers, structural washers, lock washers, and square washers are some of the typical washers used with threaded fasteners.

Stainless Steel Rivets

They have a permanent fastener that is extensively employed. Rivets, unlike screws and bolts, cannot be removed. They primarily keep plates or sheet metal in place.

Rivets are used in various applications, including steel civil construction, aviation components, automobiles, clothes, and ships. Rivets are used for a variety of purposes, depending on the application. As a result, there are many different rivets, but the two most prevalent are solid rivets and pop rivets.

  • Solid Rivet: They are one of the first rivets to be used and are pretty reliable. They have a cylindrical shank head with a straight shaft attached to it. Civil buildings, such as bridges, are ideally suited for these rivets.
  • Pivot Rivets: The most widely used for general purposes. This is due to the ease with which pop rivets can be installed. On the other hand, Pop rivets are less reliable than solid rivets because they cannot bear high loads. 

Benefits of Stainless Steel Fasteners

Stainless steel fasteners have become increasingly popular in recent years. The fastener materials are corrosion resistant and keep their strength even when exposed to extremely high temperatures.

Stainless steel materials are expected to last a long time in most conditions, independent of humidity levels or other elements that could cause corrosion, such as saline water.

Stainless steel fasteners are used in various sectors, including automotive design, architecture, and electronics design. 

Some of the benefits include:

  1. Their corrosion-resistant properties mean stainless steel fasteners will not tarnish or rust. Therefore, it has a superior appearance and lasts longer.
  2. They are strong and can withstand corrosive environments and extreme heat and cold.
  3. You’ll get a much better return on your investment because even though it may cost you a little more upfront, stainless steel fasteners have a higher long-term worth. Stainless steel fasteners will endure longer than ordinary fasteners, resulting in long-term cost benefits.
  4. Better materials mean lower maintenance. It is simple to maintain due to its resistance to scratches and corrosion and its ease of cleaning.

Let Big Bolt Help

Stainless steel fasteners are available for different sizes and shapes. They have many advantages because they are safe to use. They are also durable and resistant to rust. 

Contact Big Bolt for help with your next project. If we don’t have what you need in our inventory, we can custom make it for you on-site.

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