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These Are The Most Essential Automotive Fasteners Needed By OEMs

Automotive fasteners make the list of the most critical components in the automobile industry. Every project manager and engineer must familiarize themselves with the various specifications of fasteners required to apply in manufacturing automobiles. Their application involves multiple processes and knowing the proper torque for successful projects and safety features.

However, finding the correct information about the tightening of fasteners is challenging. Such information is scarce, yet it is a vital aspect of automobile fastening, requiring deep insight. The information, including the basics of using bolts and procedures to tighten fasteners effectively, requires exhaustive detailing.

Furthermore, the high demands on the current technicians with increased competition in the industry create chaos in understanding the fundamentals of bolts and adequate tightening procedures that many people overlook. Here we outline some of the common fasteners every automobile industry must have and why the industry requires quality fasteners.

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Commonly Used Fasteners in the Automobile Industry

The most common automotive fasteners used are nuts, washers, and bolts. Nuts go hand in hand with bolts, where they secure them with screws on a given surface using female threading.  The bolts used here are mainly threaded using pins and rods. Most of the applications of the bolt in the industry are in the construction of wheels.

Another critical fastener that accompanies the nuts and bolts is the washer. Their use tends to be small but critical when holding several automotive bolts to avoid leaking, secure radiators and distribute pressure where needed.

The industry has also seen the introduction of plastic fasteners made from vinyl. These fasteners are a product of a process known as injection molding, compared to the metal fasteners that are cold-worked or heat-treated to ensure maximum strength, durability, and tightness.

One security issue with fasteners is that vehicle parts erode as a result of weather conditions. Therefore, the suitable materials for fasteners should be resistant to corrosion which will enable the vehicle and effectively for extended use. One of the best materials for making fasteners that can last and reduce the effects of corrosion is titanium. Its quality features allow its application in aerospace fastener applications.

Critical Problems That Occur Due To Loose Automotive Fasteners

Vehicles should be as safe as possible and last longer due to the weight strain they carry. The most common fastener used in cars is the hex head bolt. The next things that you will find after it is the hex-headed cap, screwed cap, and stud. The stud is more of a hybrid made from a bolt and screw. Any of these fasteners hold the car's stability, and any that comes loose will start posing problems.

One example of the issues your vehicle will experience is the loosening of the bolt used in the car engine or the transmission area that will prevent the car from igniting. Also, wobbly fasteners in the brake systems can lead to tragic car accidents due to brake failure.  

How to Avoid Risking Loose Fasteners 

These risks are avoidable by considering the correct tightening used for different parts of the vehicles. Engineers can ensure they use the head bolts in the most critical areas held in tensions exceeding the fasteners' maximum load, making the joints stay as tight as possible.

Most automotive fasteners can hold about 65% and 90% of their net strength. Therefore, a lack of enough tension will cause forces and vibrations that will loosen these bolts easily. However, excessive tensions could also damage these bolts. It has to be within the range it can hold.

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