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What Are The Benefits Of Using Square Head Bolts?

Square head bolts aren’t your typical kind of fastener. Most bolts come with a 6-sided hexagonal head. But square head bolts have a 4-sided head. They’re also called machine bolts and can actually be considered decorative. Some of the different styles include smooth, hammered, and pyramid.

They’re threaded, but it’s the head shape that makes them a fastener favorite. The design provides a much better grip for quick tightening. They can be driven easily with an adjustable wrench, especially in close quarters where other driving tools are difficult to use. SquareHeadtDetail5

They also look really nice and are often used to match existing fasteners in older structures. They blend in better and are more aesthetically pleasing. 

So, let's take a look at some of the most common uses of square head bolts and the benefits of using them. 

What Are They Used For?

You’ll find applications in various areas, including 

A square head bolt’s unique design decreases the chances of tool slippage significantly. The square head bolt’s right-angled corners get the credit. They provide solid anchor points.

Different Types of Square Head Bolts

They come in different dimensions to fit different functionalities. The most common types include the following:

  • SS 310 Square Head Bolt
  • Grade 10.9 Square Head Bolt SquareHeadtDetail6
  • SS 202 Square Head Bolt
  • MS Square Head Bolt
  • SS 316 Square Head Bolt
  • EN 8 Square Head Bolt

How Are They Made?

Most are forged from carbon steel, which offers strength, durability and the ability to withstand immense physical pressure.  

After the QC professional inspects the steel rods, they are cut into different sizes. One head of the rod is intensely heated in a high-frequency furnace until it turns red before being taken to the molding machine that forms the square head. The chamfer is then made at the square head before subjecting the half-finished rod to the thread-rolling machine.

Finally, the bolts are galvanized in a compounded hot liquid. When fully finished, the bolts are packed into woven bags or cartons ready for disposal in the market.

Benefits These Bolts Provide

You can get a bolt in almost any shape and size, and for any project. That’s why they’re used in so many different applications from construction projects to railway lines and electronics. 

But it’s the unique design of the square head bolts that provides several advantages, including::

1. Easy To Tighten

The four-sided shape of these bolts provides a good grip that eases tightening. Even the most common household tools, like adjustable wrenches, can grip the opposite sides of the square head tightly and tighten or loosen the bolts easily, unlike other fasteners.

2. Perfect For Blind Spots

Square head bolts can be tightened quickly with wrenches or pliers, making them ideal fasteners for blind locations. Workers can tighten or loosen these bolts even if sight is unavailable, as long as they can blindly obtain the grip on the two opposite sides of the square head.

3. They Can Act as a Quick Gauge.

When determining the position of nuts in a joint, the square surfaces of these bolts can be used as a quick gauge. This is especially true for railroad workers because the properly tightened bolts will sit parallel to the railroad or other straight ties. If the bolts appear to sit at an angle, they should be tightened further. This quick and easy visual guide simplifies the inspections and minimizes the risk of bolt failures on various applications.

4. Great for Tight or Narrow Spaces

Since square head bolts can be tightened or loosed with standard tools, you can use a variety of tools with them. This makes them easier to reach and drive the bolts in narrow or tight locations.  

Big Bolt Provides Square Head Bolts

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