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What Causes The Shearing Failure Of Bolts?

The shearing failure of bolts is complicated but important to understand. Bolts will fail when shear stress supersedes shear strength, which is around half the tensile strength. But there are many things that can cause the shear failure of a bolt.

Even simple fastening components (like bolts) can fail. Failing bolts can impose a big threat to the project.   Shear failure typically occurs when the joint members slip sideways and it's always on the minds of design engineers. This is why it's vital to look for quality bolts before buying them. 

Let's have a look at some other factors that account for the shearing failure of bolts. 

Excess Shear Stress 

As we mentioned, when shear stress exceeds the shear strength, it leads to failure.   Overstressing of the bolt is one of the main causes that lead to shearing failure.  But a thorough check can help you to decrease the chance of any failure issues. 

To ensure the safety of the project, you need to analyze the bearing strength. It is an indicator of how much stress the bolt can withstand. You need to avoid excessive overturning and tightness of the bolt too. 

Bolt Fatigue 

Similar to excess stress, bolt fatigue can lead to shearing failure of bolts. When internal and external forces exceed, the bolts become more prone to failure. This is why engineers need to determine the strength of the bolt before.

Quality is the key component that can help you determine the bolt's life. The reason - quality bolts stay a lifetime without any shearing failure. If you're using bolts in vital projects, be sure you replace them every couple of years. It is one of the best ways to safeguard your project from hazards. 

The tests that we put our fasteners through are rigorous. We service the aerospace industry, oil and gas industries, and mil-spec industries. Each requires top-quality workmanship and great dependence on manufacturing the product right.

Thread Stripping 

Before using a bolt, you need to analyze its strength. It is necessary to ensure that you're using the right type of bolt on the right project. An analysis of the bolt shear strength will help you to avoid thread stripping. 

It will help you to prevent the bolt from joint failure too. When you tighten the two bolts, the threaded part of the bolt experiences shear stress. When the stress becomes high, the bolt joint fails. This, in turn, leads to the shearing failure of bolts. Taking measures beforehand will help you to avoid thread stripping and damage. 

Tips to Prevent Shearing Failure of Bolts 

  • By analyzing the project where you're going to use the bolt. It will help you to calculate the force that will act on the bolt. 
  • Environmental assessment is important. It will help you to analyze the impact on bolt life. 
  • Proper heat treatment of the bolt will prevent shearing failure of bolts. 
  • Determine quality while choosing the right-fit bolt for your project. It will assist you in making a wise choice without any money wastage. 
  • The selection of the right thread design that aligns with your needs is vital. Pick a metric coarse thread fastener to avoid excessive thread damage. 

There are plenty of situations that lead to the shearing failure of bolts. The best way to safeguard yourself from failure is to choose the right bolt. 

Choose Quality Fasteners from Big Bolt 

If you're looking to pick high-quality bolts, look no further than Big Bolt. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of bolts. Our ultimate goal is to satisfy your fastening needs without hassle. 

We have 12 programmable CNC machines, we can perfectly forge any material, and our plating and heat-treating techniques help us manufacture products that are among the most rigorous in the industry. 

When it comes to manufacturing bolts, we never compromise on quality. Rather, we strive hard to manufacture quality fasteners in real-time. We have 30 years of experience in delivering the right services. We will work with you to build a custom bolt for your needs. 

With Big Bolt, you don't have to stress about the shearing failure of bolts. Contact Big Bolt today to discuss your unique project needs!

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