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Why CNC Machines Are Needed To Make High-Quality Fasteners

Due to their tremendous capabilities, CNC machine tools are utilized in various sectors to make endless high-quality fasteners. It can make a lot of products quickly and accurately.

Using computer numerical control, a CNC machine controls machine tools such as lathes, routers, grinders, and mills. The machine is controlled by specifically-designed software using a language called G-Code. 

What Advantages Do CNC Machines Provide?

CNC machining provides several advantages. Without it, you can’t produce high-quality fasteners. Some of the benefits of using CNC machines include:

Extreme Precision and Accuracy 

Every detail and specification of the manufacturing process can be sent to the machine via programmed characteristics, eliminating room for error. This opens up possibilities that were previously unattainable through manual techniques. 

High-grade CNC machines can achieve remarkable precision and tight tolerances. Today's CNC machining typically has a tolerance of 0.01 mm for any dimension, but with the correct machine equipment, tolerances as low as 0.002 mm are achievable. With the newest NANO technologies, even tolerances that are imperceptible to the naked eye can be attained.

fastener supplierIncreased Manufacturing Productivity

The main advantages of CNC machining are its accuracy and repeatability when making identical parts, as well as its production speed. By computerizing instructions and pre-setting activities, various components can be manufactured quickly and easily. Additionally, major production procedures can be automated to improve efficiency, speed, and output while also ensuring quality and consistency.

CNC machine tools that are very robust allow shop floors to operate constantly (barring any malfunctions or maintenance concerns). This dramatically improves the production and efficiency of your factory.

Improved Scalability

CNC machining is appropriate for prototypes as well as production runs. The technique used does not require extensive machine and tool preparation, making it possible to build a prototype quickly and accurately using a CAD file. After a part design has been authorized, full-scale manufacturing can begin.

More Consistent Products

The right machine tool gives you more product choices and ensures that the quality and design of your components stay consistent, whether you're making a few or a large number of identical parts. This flexibility lets you choose exactly how many components you need at any given time and reduces unnecessary inventory.

Greater Flexibility

CNC machining can handle a wide range of metal, polymer, and other material designs. Because of its adaptability, CNC machines may be used to build a wide range of components, products, and applications.

Big Bolt Creates CNC Fastener Products

Big Bolt specializes in creating different CNC fastener products. We can customize many products and make them from all kinds of materials. We diligently design fasteners based on our customers’ recommendations. We manufacture fasteners and bolts of all sizes.

In the United States and around the world, we offer and produce practically every form of fastener. If we don't have what you need in our $6 million inventory, we can thread it on-site for you and deliver it when you need it. To obtain high-quality fasteners, contact us today.

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